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It went private, then public again to raise cash and created new related companies, shifting its properties from one to another to free them up from the debt cordoned off in one spot, its Caesars Entertainment Operating Co. Apollo Global Management LLC and TPG Capital LP did what a lot of private equity firms were doing at the time when money and loans were easy to come by, buying companies with promise — relying mostly on debt — to add to its portfolio. The deal to buy Caesars (then known as Harrah's) was first announced in 2006 during the heyday of Vegas tourism and development.

casino-hotel companies are dependent on extra cash in a person's pocket, but perhaps none more than Caesars, which waded into the recent economic downturn already burdened by more debt than any of them - a by-product of a buyout in January 2008 that was largely a wager using other people's money.

But the deal didn't close until January 2008, several months before Lehman Brothers would go bankrupt, shaking the economy to its core.

And it was a nearly $30 billion deal with the two firms taking on more than $10 billion of existing debt and relying on several billion more in bonds to pay for the company.

While Caesars Entertainment has seen a steady $8.6 billion or so in revenue since 2009, it's been outpaced by Las Vegas Sands Corp., which went all-in in Macau, China, and grew every year to post revenue of $14.5 billion in 2013.'They're going to have to become a little leaner,' said Chris Jones, an analyst for Union Gaming Group.

He added that he doesn't expect any more properties to shut down and expects the plan will free up Caesars to reinvest where it hasn't, including the gambling floor.

The company faces irked creditors, a few who have tried to force the casino giant into bankruptcy against its will this week.

Others have sued, claiming the company ransacked Caesars Entertainment Operating Co. Caesars called the claims meritless and alleges some of its holdout creditors are hoping for the company's demise in order to win wagers predicting as much.

The plan would shed $10 billion in debt from its weighed-down operations division, leaving it with $8.6 billion and winnowing its annual $1.7 billion in interest payments to $450 million.

Senior creditors who OK'd the plan would get cash and new debt to make them whole.

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Casino giant Las Vegas Sands Corp.

has restored its websites a week after they were hacked.